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Monday, April 21, 2008

VOGUE: Designer Stephen Jones

From Shadows & Dust designer Stephen Jones' extensive travel, many short stories have been written. India's pious silk, to Italy's leather lilies and Paris's porcelain-skinned doyennes; stories that are decorated languorously with sulphurous magic, and at other times, related in the cool, neutral language of a hand printed note.
Through these stories Shadows & Dust become the imagery of exposed nerves. With no classical training, only that of a dance through the remorseful dust of the world and the shadows that are cast from his previous existence, Jones gave birth to a project that at once proved that the objective half of reality is in the hands of fate, the subjective half is in ourselves, and with that, Shadows & Dust sits somewhere in the middle.
Butter soft ruffle leather jackets in black and marbled stone, zippered hoods reminiscent of Joan Of Arc, and a versatile leather dress that can also be worn as a vest or a coat, as three of the many ingenious offerings, Shadows & Dust will get under your skin and haunt you in the most beautiful of ways.


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SHADOWS & DUST said...

This guy may look gay, but i can tell you he is not! Ive heard many lucid accounts of him, eagerly beating an opponent raw then bedding its lady and her friends. He has no restraint, but much charm, be aware do not converse with him or look into his eyes or you too will be violated.